Vaginal Odor

Although it happens only once in a while, vaginal odor can be embarrassing and can affect a woman’s sex life to a great extent. The main cause of vaginal odor is a specific type of bacteria that sometimes overgrows, causing an unpleasant smell to appear despite abiding to hygiene rules with religious ardor. You need to understand that the bacteria that causes the smell is naturally depression natural living in the vagina and that you can never eliminate it for good. In order to eliminate vaginal odor, you can see your doctor and have some antibiotics prescribed, but, if you do not want to rely on pills, you can always try some natural remedies. Here are some natural cures for vaginal odor.

vaginal odor

vaginal odor

Using garlic to eliminate vaginal odor

Garlic is an old remedy that can be used for treating vaginal odor. Some herbal remedies involving garlic recommend transforming a few cloves of garlic into pasta and applying it to the vaginal area. However, if you consider this measure to be too drastic, you can try a different approach. Just peel a clove of garlic of its skin, wrap it in a small piece of clean cloth and put it in your vagina. Among the natural cures for erectile dysfunction, this is considered to be quite effective and to eliminate vaginal odor in a short time. It is not recommended to keep the wrapped clove in your vagina for more than six hours, after which you need to replace it.

Eating yogurt

The fact that a bacteria outbreak happens is mostly due to an imbalance in the body. To correct this imbalance, there are natural cures for vaginal odor. Yoghurt is one of them, and there are two ways in which you can appeal to this natural remedy for vaginal odor treatment. One is to eat yoghurt every day, so that the balance in your body is regained and that the bacteria outgrowth subsides until it becomes normal again. To eliminate vaginal odor, you can also use yoghurt locally. Use a tampon and a bit of yoghurt without sugar or any sweeteners and insert the tampon in your vagina. It is recommended to keep it there for about one hour. Usually, the good bacteria in the yoghurt are capable of regulating the production of bacteria in your vagina, as well, and eliminate vaginal odor, as a result.

The tea tree oil remedy

Among the natural cures for vaginal odor that you can try, it is also worth mentioning the tea tree oil remedy. Mixing a few drops of this oil with water and rubbing the mix onto your vaginal area can help you against vaginal odor. The tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, and it is widely used for fighting vaginosis bacterial. In case you find it a bit too irritating for your skin, you can always use more water to dilute it, or you can appeal to another remedy for vaginal odor. Even if you go through an episode of vaginal odor, you should not be scared. It is usually only a sign of overgrown bacteria that can easily be overcome by the aforementioned remedies.

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