Vaginal Odor Causes:

Have you ever been concerned that


Nine times out of ten, a woman will have no idea what the basis of the odor from their vagina comes from or that it is even there.

It's a discomforting thing to find out and it's just as embarrassing to have it as a constant problem. Most information sources will be quick to suggest or sell you a “quick fix” solution, but to get a real solution you must first get to the cause of the problem.


Going back centuries there's never been an obvious reason for a woman and the existence of vaginal odor. Until modern medicine came about, it was considered a nuisance but not outside of the normal scope of female odors. Fortunately today a trip to your OB-GYN will let you know that it's a problem that's both natural and unnatural. The essence of this problem is that there is an infection in your vagina. Vaginal odor is a type of fighting back mechanism of your vagina, but unfortunately your vagina doesn’t tell you outright what the vaginal odor cause is, it just lets out a horrid smell and makes you do all the hard work in figuring it out.

Now the doctor will try to tell you not to stress over it because in fact, over 65% of women experience some sort of feminine odor or vaginal odor regularly, some stronger than others. It all comes from the discharge that becomes an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina.

Over 65% of women

experience some sort of feminine odor or vaginal odor regularly

At this point, you're asking if there is anything that cures it RIGHT NOW!

The problem is that that the bacteria are not the only thing that can be the cause of this problem.

An antibiotic or a medicine isn't going to absolve the problem.

All women’s bodies are different. We perspire differently, we exercise differently, we sleep more or sleep less, and we stress differently. In the same way every vagina is different and every vaginal odor cause is different. The biggest part to us all being different is that all of our bodies react differently to different aspects on everyday life.


  • Clothing and vaginal odor:

You may have heard one of your girlfriends will mention how she read that wearing tighter clothes is the cause of vaginal odor. That may or may not be true but unless you literally are suffocating your body in your clothes, your wardrobe is fine.

  • Sex and vaginal odor:

Sexual activity has also always been an assumed factor of vaginal odor. Depending on how active your sex life is, this too can add or subtract from the problem. Studies have shown that an alarming amount of unprotected sex can lead to vaginal odor issues.

  • Vaginal odor and menstruation or “menstrual odor”:

No one is saying to not be active though, I'm pretty sure we can agree that's not solving any problems for anyone. Another aspect to where this vaginal odor comes from is your menstrual cycle. This can impact the vaginal odor levels in varying ways. Sometimes it won’t affect your smell one bit; sometimes it will have a noticeable effect. This is a normal part of every woman’s life and should not raise any alarms when it occurs, unless the menstrual odor is unbearable.

Now that you’re aware of where vaginal odor comes from,

let’s discuss solving it.

From the start, you’ve sought out your gynecologist who told you there are antibiotics and other treatments available.

You take them, the problem goes away but while getting ready for your best friends pool party you realize it may be back. The vaginal smell and embarrassment is back and there isn’t anything worse happening in your life right now. Mind you, this doctor visit and treatment weren’t cheap and you were pretty sure that the problem was gone. What the doctors probably mentioned off hand is that it may come back but you felt this was going to do it and you were happy there was a quick fix to get rid of this embarrassing problem.

I’m sure that you’re like most people in your situation; you’re crashing the internet hard for some type of quick NATURAL SOLUTION or HOME REMEDY.

You’re browser has fifty tabs open and each page is something that claims to “help” but there’s nothing that’s convincing. The truth is you don’t know what’s actually going to help and what’s going to make it worse. That’s not a risk worth taking when you need results RIGHT NOW!

Out of all the things and cures you might read online, what should really stand out is how the biggest cure might be the most basic and simplest one to implement. Most sources won't tell you this and most companies selling products don’t want you to go this route because it is not profitable, but changing your diet can offer real benefit towards reaching a vaginal wellness.

The BIGGEST CURE might be...

...the most basic and simplest one to implement!

Many diet changes have been claimed

to help with vaginal odor issues.

There are teas that can help, yogurt is always on the top of every list, and pineapple seems to be a lifesaver. The most vital thing to take into account is admitting your diet isn’t great. It’s never too early or too late to change it. If your diet doesn’t include essential nutrients the body (especially your vagina) needs to function then of course there will be imbalances somewhere.

Foods like a daily portion of yogurt, incorporating garlic into your foods, citrus fruits, non-artificial cranberry juice, drinking more water (actually only drink water if you’re thirsty), and plenty of nuts. Also try to not eat as much meat during menstruation as this has an unpleasant effect on your vagina.


  • Yogurt and vaginal odor

Give your vagina all the probiotics it needs! The reason why yogurt is so highly regarded for alleviating vaginal odor is the probiotic properties. These properties help preserve your vaginal pH levels. These pH levels are widely known as being acidic. This acidity can contribute to these unwanted odors coming from your vagina.

  • Cranberry juice and vaginal odor

Everyone’s favorite mixer can help the vagina! Going back centuries, this has been a common home remedy for restoring vaginal health. The acidic compounds found in cranberry juice are known to fight the bad bacteria in your vagina.

  • Water and vaginal odor

Always drink water when thirty! The reason water is included on this list is because once you start drinking water, you won’t quench your thirst any other way. Usually, you’ll drink something carbonated, something with sugar, or something artificial. All of those things only contribute to a bad a diet which contributes to an embarrassing vaginal odor. A glass of water at the restaurant, water bottles in your car, always have some water handy for thirst quenching and whole body replenishment!

  • Meat and Vaginal odor

No meats during menstruation! The reason why meats are discouraged during menstruation is the heavy amount of fatty oils it carries with it. This combination with the flux of hormones doesn’t sit well with your vagina’s pH balance. In general, it’s better to probably lay off heavy meats as a whole for their negative effects on a woman’s health, vaginal and overall.

  • Nuts and vaginal odor

Grab some nuts before you go! The reason why nuts need to become an essential part of your diet if they’re not already is Vitamin E. This vitamin helps prevent vaginal dryness which leads to a healthier vagina. The drier a vagina, the more likely you will have issues with odor, bacteria and even cramps.

  • Pineapple and vaginal odor

Pineapple, because why not, it tastes good! Many people decades ago started believing in this and it has pretty much steamrolled since. There’s no scientific proof of pineapple helping. Someone thought the acidity in pineapples helps your pH levels. All I’m going to say is that it does no harm, so why not.

​Something that goes hand in hand in a healthy diet is a Workout regimen.

Once you start running or exercising regularly, you’re going to want to replenish your body with healthy nutrition. Same goes for your vagina. Think of it more along the lines of a living organism inside your body that needs its own set of sustenance for health. It needs the replenishment of nutrients and harmony of all these things so it’s not an embarrassment for you anymore. An OB-GYN visit won’t cover all these lifestyle changes because they are not paid to do that as well and simple solutions such as this are not very profitable in the health care society we live in today.

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